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It seemed as though the evening over ThunderClan camp would not see the light of day as dark grey clouds rained down on the ravine. The leader, Spiderstar, sat perched outside of her den, watching her Clan through lidded eyes as she sat in the light rain. The she-cat had become leader a few seasons before, and in the same time had started her own family. Inside her den was her son, who was 'preparing' for his apprentice ceremony. The leader got up slowly from her perch and moved down, lower into the main area of camp.

Emerging from the warriors den, was Nightflower, one of the Clan's most senior warriors. The old queen greeted Spiderstar, her only surviving kit, with a gentle nod. It was safe to say that the black she-cat was excited to see her grandson and granddaughter be named as apprentices for ThunderClan. She briefly remembered back to when her own daughter, and son, Pheasantcloud, were made apprenticed. With a deep sigh as she remembered when times were somewhat easier. Nightflower itched to leave camp but, the damp weather bothered her a little more than some of her thicker-furred Clanmates so it looked as though she'd be staying camp.

Within the warriors den, Snakefang was sleeping. The brown tabby tom had been on guard duty the night before and was still catching up on his sleep. His slumber was light, and he kept rolling around, shifting as he tried to get comfortable. #chicks =trouble 01:39 Tue Apr 25 2017

Despite being the daughter of the famed leader and held up to her parents standards, Starlingkit was quite the opposite. Fearful and afraid that she would let anyone who held her up to those standards down, the smoke and white kitten often spoke to her grandmother of her troubles.

"N-Nightflower?" She stuttered out, a slight quivering in her pelt. Dipperstorm, much unlike her other half, had chosen to wake at dawn that morning. She sat under a shaded and lightly protected cover off to the side of camp. My name is Lord Voldemort 03:13, April 25, 2017 (UTC)

"Oh sweetheart, come here out of the rain," Nightflower said upon hearing her granddaughter. The thin she-cat ushered the much fluffier cat away, out of the rain. Once they were clear, Nightflower sat down, moving into a 'loaf'. "Now darling, what's wrong?" The black she-cat asked.

Meanwhile, Snakefang soon woke himself up with a mighty snore. He stunned himself as he shot up, looking around. "Oh StarClan, I slept in," the tabby gave a quick stretch of each of his legs before leaving the warrior's den. He walked past Nightflower, flashed her smile, but saw Dipperstorm on the otherside of camp. He dashed over, trying to not get soaked, and softly nuzzled her cheek. "Morning," he said. #chicks =trouble 03:21 Tue Apr 25 2017

Starlingkit gave a slight shake of her pelt, as though to dry it off, before she followed her grandmother. She didn't know if Nightflower knew what she would be talking about but to Starlingkit Ravenkit was the perfect one and she was just the one that didn't seem to get anything right. "I'm scared, what if I'm not good enough to be a warrior?" She asked in a small voice, quivering slightly nearly on the verge of tears.

Dipperstorm met his gaze with a warm smile. "Good morning, sleepy head." She greeted the dark tabby, flicking her tail gently before she moved over to give him some room. "Late night, I assume?" She asked. My name is Lord Voldemort 13:16, April 25, 2017 (UTC)

Nightflower pulled her granddaughter close and gave her a soft lick over the ears. "My sweet, don't say such things. Of course you'll be good enough to be a warrior- you're a ThunderClan cat and all the best cats come from here," the she-cat spoke softly. "I can't imagine how you feel what with your parents. But, remember this, you make your own destiny no matter who you are born to. Just stick to your own path, Starlingkit, and remember that I'll be here whenever you need a helping paw," Nightflower added. The she-cat remembered having conversations like this with Spiderstar when she was younger but, that was so long ago and although the two were still close, they were worlds apart now.

Snakefang yawned again before replying. "Yeah, I had guard duty last night and the night before. I feel like I could sleep for moons and still not be satisfied," the tabby turned back to look at Dipperstorm. #chicks =trouble 01:41 Thu Apr 27 2017

Starlingkit shuffled, she knew why she thought that. Ravenkit was the golden child, Spiderstar adored him - she said he was so much like her and father well father just liked having a son he could share things with. With Starlingkit all she wanted to do was make sure everything was peaceful. Was that so boring? "I-" She paused. "I guess so," she turned to head back to the den her family shared soon it would no longer be her den. She'd be in the apprentices den doing apprentice things. The smoke and white molly really wanted her grandmother to mentor her but knew that was a longshot.

Dipperstorm purred and brushed her shoulder against the tabby's. "Maybe a good meal will do some good." She suggested softly, golden gaze bright. She had been up since before dawn ready to start the day, that and her brother Swiftstorm had woken her up yammering about how his litter would be born soon. Then asking questions about when she would have her own litter? To this she just said it was all in due time. My name is Lord Voldemort 13:49, April 27, 2017 (UTC)