The Five Clans and General Areas


Our territories roughly line up with those present in the canon. Credit to Erin Hunter for the map.



RiverClan - (RC)

  • A vast majority of RiverClan's territory is water ridden, and shares some similar traits to the terrain found in ShadowClan's territory. The main difference is the more sandy-soil which allows for more water to be present and not make such a wetland out of the soil. However, as the border shared with WindClan are reached, the soil there become dry and more akin to the moorland to the north. In this area, a thin spread of evergreen trees can be found before long grass takes over the land.
  • The main source of water comes from a river known to the cats as Wolf River. It is a wide and powerful flowing river and many cats treat it with caution as it can be unpredictable. During storms and general bad weather, it is avoided as much as possible as in the past many a young warrior and elder have been caught in the powerful torrent. When it floods, it often takes out the RiverClan camp however, it also creates smaller channels of water that hang around temporarily. These smaller rivers or streams happen throughout the year, thanks to the sandy soil and hilly terrain of the area. Evergreen trees cover most of the area, with tall, ancient willows covering the riverbanks.
  • However, the RiverClan camp is located on an island surrounded primarily by this powerful force of nature. The island itself is home to a massive willow tree known as Star Tree, serves as the leader's, deputy's, and medicine cat's den; with the medicine den's supplies located in a hollow in the side of the Star Tree. Several other willow trees serve as the warrior and apprentice dens and are also the main source of shelter for the camp. Some nests for able-bodied warriors are up in the willow trees, resting between forks in the branches. The nursery and elders' dens are the only two located on the ground, and both have nests made of woven twigs to help the beds float during floods. The ground is covered in a soft dirt and sand mixture, and small shells sometimes wash up on the bank of the river. Cats often adorn their dens or nests with the artifacts they find.

ShadowClan - (ShC)

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SkyClan - (SkC)

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ThunderClan - (TC)

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WindClan - (WC)

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