Roman jogged out of her den once she had seen SkyClan's dawn patrol move by, and quickly darted down the side of the rocky outcrop she called home. Somehow, after quite some time living there, nobody had caught her, and she quickly scampered into the twolegplace to find breakfast. She jogged down several blocks, and took a sharp left, to walk by where the tom had lived. The ginger tabby flattened her ears as the painful memories of what had happened with him flashed in her mind, and she quickly turned around and headed to the right instead. Rainlegs 00:48, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

Roman continued through the twolegplace, heading to one house in particular. The house had a nice covered area between their garage and house, where Roman had spent her first winter alone. The ginger tabby crawled over several bags and boxes they had stashed under there, and immediately went for their garbage bin, which was left open. Reaching in, the tabby pulled out a chicken carcass and immediately began to feast, as she wasn't too keen on hunting so early in the day. Rainlegs 19:01, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

Snow, busy cleaning herself outside of her twolegs den, blinked as she saw the pelt of a cat move across the line of houses, and as her eyes followed it, she sniffed at how dirty the cat looked, we'll just about as dirty as any lone or clan cat looked when they didn't groom well. She understood how hard it was to be clean out in the wild, but a nice grooming every once in awhile couldn't hurt?!? Deciding to ignore the cat, she paced back to where she was previously on the other side of the den and continued her washing, keeping her eyes pealed in case the cat decided to be social. 19:12 Wed Jul 22

Roman dragged the chicken carcass with her, unintentionally parking herself under a bush in the front yard of Snow's house. She quickly finished scraping off the last of the meat and fat from the bones, and scraped some dirt over the remains. Sitting up, still hidden by the bush, she cleaned her pelt, so that her ginger fur was as bright as ever. The kink in her tail caused the upper third to bend always to the right, no matter how hard she tried to straighten it out, and as she washed her tail it tickled her nose a bit. The tingling in her snout was too much to bear, and she let out a loud sneeze, probably easily heard to any cat nearby. Rainlegs 20:02, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

Snow, becoming instantly alarmed by the noise, jumped up in surprise and landed about a whisker length in front of her, her heart beating within her chest. She could feel the blood roaring through her head from the sudden sound, and so she tried to contain herself quickly by calming down some, letting her fur lie flat once more. Her near panting turned to steady breathing, and her eyes remained closed for a good three moments before she searched the area around her, spotting Roman in the bushes, It's the street cat again, she thought, her face shifting into an unenthusiastic frown. Deciding against confronting the cat, she began to pace back to her garden, keeping a close eye on the ginger cat. 03:24 Sun Jul 26

Roman quickly darted out of the bush, thinking her cover was blown. The ginger tabby dashed towards the house, slamming into Snow at full-speed. The two rolled together as a result of the impact, and Roman ended up on top, pinning the white she-cat down. "Shh, they're on to us," she whispered, flipping Snow onto her back with one swift movement of her paws and grabbing the smaller cat by the scruff. She quickly carried the kittypet with her, doing the awkward waddle needed to keep her from hitting her legs, and managing to climb onto the roof of her house, setting the kittypet back down. "Stay low," she hissed, crouching almost flat against the roof as she peered around. Rainlegs 03:29, July 26, 2015 (UTC)

Skylark crawled from his her den in a old twoleg place shed. She had been looking for a companion to at least "room" with. She was getting lonely and eventually settle down with some tom, but she hadn't found him yet. Sniffing she sensed the familiar ginger cat around. Roman. She shook her head before following the scent. Before long she came upon the scene of Roman dragging a white Kittypet. "Roman what in the name of the good lord are you doing?" She asked rolling her eyes. "Let that poor thing go."— MinkclawRiver is Beauty, Beauty is Everything! 14:20, February 18, 2016 (UTC)