Blue walked into the barn, with a kitten following her. Arcadia was only seven moons old, but had her eyes set on becoming the Barn's matriarch's favorite, so she did anything Blue told her to do and went anywhere she went. The two were followed by a tom, slender in build and with a rather attractive face, who walked as if he were a stranger to Blue's home. In truth, Finbok had just asked to be accepted into their "family", after moons of traveling between the mountains of the tribes and the far streets of the Big Twolegplace. Blue led him to the piles of hay, where she told him to begin to make a nest, and went to go inform the other family members about the newcomer. Rainlegs 00:09, June 26, 2015 (UTC)

Boston lifted her head from parting the feathers of a small bird she'd caught in the rafters. She caught a scent of a strange cat. "Hm? Blue, who's this?" she asked, flicking her tabby tail in the direction of the scent. She spat a feather from her mouth. Manchester rolled over in his nest. He wasn't indoors often, but when he was, he loved to rest in the hay. Of course he helped out, but still... The hay was nice. "Do we have another mouser?" he asked. — ferk my name is BLURRYFΛCE 01:28, 06/26/2015

Ways off from the barn, roamed Lyanna, the torbie and white was on a quest, to find her son. The son stolen from her by some strange, yes and heartless cats. Her heart had ached ever since she allowed those ruffians to take her precious son. The pretty queen sighed, a loner she had chatted to had given her a tip on the possible whereabouts on her son. Though, it was probably she being gullible again, because so far her search was fruitless. Lyanna told herself to stop following tips from strange cats, because she knew not all them had the best intentions at heart. Still, she followed, half-hoping for a shred of actual truth to it. Then again if was true, she felt uneasiness settling in her stomach. Finding him would be the easiest part, but taking him back, impossible. Feeling a sudden wave of sadness, Lyanna realized the possibility that she might never get her darling Jon back. Ospreypaw 18:39, June 26, 2015 (UTC)Ospreypaw

Blue nodded, motioning towards the newcomer with her tail. "This is Finbok: he's the loner who's traveled through here once or twice...I think he stayed with us once four seasons ago? He went to the far mountains and back, and decided to move in with us," the ticked tabby explained, flattening her rather large ears. Tide popped her head over a bale of hay in the corner, looking around the barm. With a loud "mrrow", the Somali she-cat leapt up onto a low-hanging bar, and climbed up to the loft area, where her, Arcadia's, and Blue's nests were. "Finbok, make yours up here!" she shouted down at the cats below, obviously eager to catch up with him again after his travels. Finbok nodded, quickly abandoning the starts of a nest he had made, and climbed up various rafters and hay bales to reach the loft. Rainlegs 23:26, June 26, 2015 (UTC)

Boston nodded. "It's nice to meet you, Finbok. I'm Boston," the silver tabby meowed. "I was brought in as a mouser two seasons ago, so we never met!" she called after him as he left to the rafters. Oh well. She'd talk to him later... Hopefully she didn't have to try that hard to get his attention. Manchester shrugged. "Hey sis, why don't you show him where your nest is?" he said, looking at her out of the corner of his eye. Boston snorted and turned from him. "Oh shut it. Sometimes I wish we didn't know each other as well as we do, Manny," she sighed. Manchester chuckled. "Don't try too hard. You'll scare this one off, too," he said. "Hey!" Boston snapped, "Just because I've scared off a few toms doesn't mean I'll do it to every one I meet!" — ferk my name is BLURRYFΛCE 00:08, 06/27/2015

Finbok nodded at Boston from up above, to show her he had heard her and would talk to her later. He made it up to the rafters after a little bit of a struggle, as he was more used to running than climbing and balancing. Tide showed him the pile of stray stored in the corner, so he could begin to make a nest. Tide's nest was well-decorated: soft, downy featers were woven within it, with thick strands of rope and branches forming the outer shell. Shiny objects were tucked into cracks all around it. Her nest was closest to the window opening, so it was almost always in sunlight, and the objects and decorations lit up the whole loft.

It was clear to Finbok that Blue's nest was a little ways away from her's, farthest from their passage up to the loft. The nest was lighter in color overall, showing that the leader didn't often change her straw on the inside, and her branches had faded with time in the sun. The loner assumed Tide had taken over the job of "decorating" her sister's nest, as little blue objects were tucked in the outer shell, obviously for her name. Next to hers' was a slightly smaller nest, made in half of a milk crate. Straw was tucked out at all odd angles, and a little blue collar with a bell was hanging off of one corner, so Finbok assumed it belonged to the ginger kitten that was following Blue around downstairs. He chose to build his nest in between Tide's and Blue's, so it got sunlight as well, and climbed down the inside of the barn and ran otuside to begin gathering supplies to build it. Rainlegs 01:02, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

Jay sniffed and padded forward her kit in her jaws. A screech filled her ears as she felt a birds talons circle her waist. "Jaxson!" She screeched as her kit fell from her jaws. Jaxson stayed curled up whimpering. A big building a few feet away. The kit stood and walked a few feet and then collasped weak. He called for help one last time before the darkness enveloped him. Jaxson woke to darkness. The sun had setvhours ago. "H-Hello?"— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 03:25, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

Lyanna was curled up her nest, woken from a dream she had. She vaguely recalled in it running after Jon, but he was too far for her reach, and next thing she knew, with a blink of her eyes, gone. Guilt filled her heart as she thought about her dream, cursing herself, why did she give only son to those brutes. Letting out a sigh, better yet why didn't she go after them. Shaking her head, trying to shake off those guilty thoughts about her lost son, he'll never return, and I'll never find him, she thought bitterly, a lump forming in her throat, as she listed all the nevers in her head. Setting her head down on her paws, trying to go back to sleep. She would need all the energy she had if she wanted to continue the search for Jon, tomorrow. Ospreypaw 20:59, July 4, 2015 (UTC)Ospreypaw

The territory seemed vast and unknown to Samuel. He had only recently left his colony, where he was born and raised. He wandered aimlessly for a while, unsure of where to go or what he wanted to do. He had no real home. He simply settled every night in an unclaimed den, or some other sheltered area. He had considered returning to his old colony or joining another group of cats many times since he had left. Living along was never something Samuel imagined he'd be doing, and certainly nothing he'd ever wished for. He shook it off though, choosing to let life unfold before him instead.

A barn could just be seen along the horizon. The sun was still high in the sky, but Samuel knew he would need to find shelter for the night soon, so he trotted towards the large building in hopes that it may provide the shelter he needed. As he approached, he caught scent of many cats, quickly informing him that the barn was already claimed. He sighed, starting to turn away before he spotted a small kitten nearby the building, completely alone. Samuel stalked closer to the barn to inspect it. He was shocked with what he found. The kitten was very small, with messy ginger fur that looked as if it hadn't been groomed in a while. He laid completely unconscious beside a large pool of blood, some of it spreading towards the kit, drenching part of his fur. Samuel approached carefully, sniffing and prodding the kit. He was breathing, but he wouldn't wake up, and his mother didn't seem to be anywhere nearby. He quickly jumped to the conclusion that the pool of blood beside the kit belonged to his mother. Once he realized the kitten was completely alone, it didn't take long for Samuel to decide what he was going to do with him. He was going to raise the kit. Sam knew nearly nothing about kittens, but he didn't give that a second thought. It was up to him to care for the kid. The sun was going to set soon, so Samuel needed to find them some shelter. Soon. Unsure of how to pick up a kitten, Samuel grabbed the young kit by the tail and lifted him out of the pool of blood. He caught scent of some cats, who he assumed lived in the barn, and that was all Sam needed to take off running. He sprinted away from the barn, the ginger kitten bouncing and swinging from his tail, drops of blood occasionally dripping off his fur, flying into Samuel's chest and face. Samuel shook himself off every time blood landed on his face, unintentionally swinging the kit along with him.

After a while of running, Sam finally arrived at what he deemed a suitable shelter. An old fox den. Or, at least what he assumed to be old. He was never the best at telling how old a scent was, but he was confident enough that no fox lived there, so he settled inside. Without leaning his head down, Samuel dropped the kit from his jaws, hearing a surprisingly loud thud as he hit the ground. Samuel blinked. "Oops." He shook his pelt off nonchalantly. He nudged the kitten, uncurling the little thing and rolling him to his stomach, and prodded him a couple times, testing to see if he would wake up. He didn't. Samuel shrugged it off. A loud grumble echoed through the den, reminding Samuel that it had been a while since he last ate. He paused for a moment, wondering whether it was alright to leave the kit alone. "Eh, he'll be fine." He mumbled to himself. Without bothering to clean or warm up the kitten, Sam took off running out of the den. He wasn't even sure if kittens that age ate fresh kill, but he didn't give it too much thought.

The sun was almost setting, making it almost the perfect time for hunting. Sam was never the best hunter, so he had a hard time catching enough to sustain himself, hence his skinniness, but it never discouraged him. Determined to find enough to eat for both him and and the kit. It took him a a lot of searching and good bit of walking, but luckily enough he came across a nest full of mice, all of which seemed to be sluggish and sick. They didn't smell the best, but Samuel figured they would do just fine. He killed them all without much trouble, and grabbed them by their tails to bring back to the den. By the time he made it back to the den, the sun had set completely, leaving him in total darkness. A quiet rustle came from inside, causing Samuel to perk up his ears. He's awake! Sam assumed, not dwelling on the fact it could easily be another cat or even a fox returning to its den. He ran inside, nearly trampling the kit in the process. "Woah, my bad." He murmured. Luckily, Samuel's assumption was correct, and the den was empty except for the ginger kitten, who was now stirring. "Hey little buddy." Samuel leaned down, prodding and shoving the blood-drenched kit excitedly. Paleggy Ship it 20:21,7/9/2015

Jaxson woke a few hours later. "Wha-" he mumbled. His head was killing him. He noticed Samuel up in his face. Flinching the kit jumped a few inches. "Who are you?" He asked.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 18:18, July 11, 2015 (UTC)

Excitement surged through Samuel as the young kitten spoke. He bounced on his front paws, landing inches away from the kit each time. "You're awake! You're awake!" He could hardly contain himself, acting strangely like a kitten himself. "I'm Sammy! Or Samuel. Or Sam..." He trailed off for a moment, dwelling on some unknown thought. He shook himself, getting back on topic. "I'm gonna be your new dad I guess! What's your name kid?" He didn't give the kit a chance to answer. "Ooh do you even have a name? Do I get to name your since I'm your dad now?! I've got so many great names I could give you! You could be a Noah, or a Mason, or a Conner, or a Ben or a—oooh or you could be named after me! Little Sammy. Sammy jr. Or would you prefer Sam jr.? No matter, it'd probably get confusing actually. Maybe I'll call you Red, cause of your ginger fur!" He paused for a moment, remembering that the kitten's fur was still covered in blood. "I should probably clean you up lil' Red..." Sam turned around and began to pace, only to trip on the pile of mice he had dropped when he ran in. "Oh! I nearly forgot, I brought you some food! Can you even eat prey yet? I hope so, this is all I have." He dropped a few foul smelling mice in front of the kit. "Eat up Red, you must be hungry!" Samuel stared expectantly at the kit before dropping down to eat his own mice. Paleggy Ship it 19:49,7/11/2015

Jaxson flattened his ears. "I have a name, and it's Jaxson." He said. The ginger tom said. Who was this cat? He asked himself. Gingerly, Jaxson nibbled on a mouse then spit it out. "Is this old?" He asked. His nose wrinkling.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 21:19, July 11, 2015 (UTC)

"Jaxson? Weird name. I liked Red better..." Sam trailed off absentmindedly. "Of course it's not old! I'm not an idiot, I wouldn't give a kit old prey. It's fresh as can be, I just killed it! Eat up, it's all you're getting." He dug into his own mice that were sitting in front of him, slurping and crunching loudly. He spat out out the fur every few bites, accidentally spitting some onto Jaxson's face a few times. "My bad." He tried to flick the fur off of the kit's face, but ended up shoving him over in the process, not being gentle enough. He shrugged it off, not bothering to help the Jaxson back on his feet. "So where are you from kid?" He wondered out loud between bites, not looking at the kit as he spoke. "I found you near a barn, did you live in there? It reeked of cats over there, but I didn't catch any of your scent. Were you just passing through with your—" He stopped abruptly, unsure if Jaxson was even aware what happened to his mother. He decided not to bring her up. "Were you just passing by?" He repeated. He flicked the mouse tails away as he finished each mouse, tossing them in Jaxson's direction, not paying attention to where they landed. A few whacked Jaxson in the face before falling to the ground. Paleggy Ship it 21:34,7/11/2015

Jaxson's pelt bristled as the tom held up a paw to protect his face from Samuel's food and rude manners. "I was passing through with my mother, but a large bird snatched her." He said narrowing his eyes. The kit stood and began to explore his surroundings. The kit closed his eyes as the memory of his mother being taken by bird took over his head. The talons of the bird dug deep into his mother's sides and stomach tearing into her flesh. Quickly Jaxson shook the memory from his mind. Sighing, Jaxson leaped onto a mossy stump. "How old are you?" He asked. — Mel thnks fr th mmrs 21:41, July 11, 2015 (UTC)

"Woah woah Red, get back in here!" Samuel raced out of the den to grab Jaxson by the tail, dragging him back inside. Jaxson's question fell on deaf ears since Samuel was too focused on getting the kit inside. "Don't you know better than to go out on your own in the middle of the night?! Didn't your mother teach you anything?!" Samuel growled in frustration before realizing exactly what he said. "Sorry..." The apology was quiet and didn't sound very sincere with Sam's frustration still showing. Samuel suddenly noticed the blood that was stuck on his muzzle after grabbing Jaxson. His eyes landed on the kit, examining the blood on his Jaxson's fur that was now starting to dry, getting sticky and brown. "We should probably get you cleaned up kid. Uh, I don't really want to lick all that blood off, and I can't imagine you wanna have a mouthful of your mom's blood..." It took a few moments for a solution to pop into Sam's head. "I know! I'll just pop you in the river! That ought to get you cleaned up!" Without waiting for a response from the kitten, he grabbed Jaxson by the base of his tail, sprinting out of the den. Jaxson swung around, hanging upside down from Sam's mouth. Once the two toms arrived at the river, Samuel dropped the kit into the water without warning, not thinking to check the depth or temperature first. His eyes widened slightly as the kit disappeared under the water. He paused, waiting to see if Jaxson would reappear, anxiety beginning to fill his stomach. He kneaded the ground in worry, not wanting to get wet unless he was sure the kit wouldn't resurface. Paleggy Ship it 03:19,7/14/2015

Jaxson hissed and clawed before he was thrown into the water. After several agonizing minutes he popped back up and paddled his way to the bank. "What is wrong with you?" He snarled gasping for breath. His fur dripping with water. The blood was gone, but he was furious.

Hatshetsut had been traveling for three weeks and two days now. She was set on finding a clan to live in. Sure she was small for her size, but knew how to fight really well. She was almost to the WindClan border, but didn't know it. She rested for a minute to gather her bearings and continued towards the farm. — Mel thnks fr th mmrs 12:56, July 14, 2015 (UTC)

Blue woke up a few days later, curled up tightly in her sun-kissed pale nest. The leader slowly stretched, leaning her upper body out of her nest, and with a few sleepy smacks of her mouth, she collapsed back into her nest to sleep for another few hours. Arcadia, on the other hand, had been wide awake in her crate, and was staring at the matriarch from her nest. If the ginger she-kit leaned forwards any more, she could've been directly on top of the blue cat, but she remained careful not to wake her, even though she was generally nicely-disposed.

Finbok woke up in his nest, which had been hastily made of painted branches he had snagged off of a villager's porch down the road. The outer shell of his nest was a bright red, and fresh hay on the inside made it quite vibrant. The handsome tom hopped out, careful not to wake anyone up, and crept down to the lower level of the barn, where he soon headed outside. Rainlegs 03:38, July 26, 2015 (UTC)

Mitsy purred as she stepped out the small door that her twoleg had opened. She missed SkyClan, but didn't want to go back. I wonder how Squirreltail is? She thought then shrugged it off as she was joined by the neighboring cat, Snook. "Hello Snook. Nice day out." She commented. The black-and-white tom agreed somberly and leaped onto the fence watching the barn cats. "What do you suppose it's like living like that?" Mitsy shrugged and thought about it. "Very hard. You forget I use to live in the clans." Snook bowed his head embarrassed. "Sorry Mitz." He murmured.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 03:51, August 1, 2015 (UTC)

Boston yawned and stretched her legs, still laying on her side. She rolled onto her back for a few moments, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light leaking in through the windows of the barn. She rolled over again, peering over the edge of her nest to see if Manchester was still sleeping. Of course he was. What else did that tom do? Boston purred for a moment, then stood up, stretching her legs again, then climbed down to the floor of the barn from the rafters.

Salt and Pepper were already awake, Boston observed, spotting the couple sharing a mouse near the doors of the barn. The large, heavy wooden doors were cracked open a bit, so she decided to go outside. As she approached the doors, she caught Finbok's scent. Early bird catches the worm, she thought, snickering to herself as she slipped through the barn doors. — ferk my name is BLURRYFΛCE 16:42, 08/3/2015

Jaxson looked around it had been a month since Samuel had found him. Samuel was nice and a good "father". The ginger tabby leapt around playing with some grass his tail lashing with his body. His claws shredded the grass underneath his paws.— Mel thnks fr th mmrs 00:35, August 19, 2015 (UTC)