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Current ThunderClan
Age Approx. 36 moons (3 years)
Status Living
Debut ThunderClan Archive I
Father Spiderface, Adderclaw (adoptive)
Mother Nightflower
Siblings Pheasantcloud, Bramblekit, Birdstar (half), Morningfoot (half)
Mate None
Kits None
Mentors Adderclaw, Willowface (unofficialy)
Apprentice Snakefang
Leader Position
Predecessor Sorrelstar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Flametail
Owner Max

Spiderstar is a solid black molly with yellow eyes.



Spiderstar is a cat with some traces of a foreign-build, but, not many. She is a large and bulky cat with a lot of fur. The she-cat has long, sturdy legs with large paws that house long and sharp claws. Part of the reason for her name stems from her long, somewhat disproportionate legs as they look like spider legs. Spiderstar's build, while it resembles that of her mother's, she is a heavier cat and has more weight on her frame. She's a sturdier cat in general and has the appearance of both a purebred breed and a wild-born cat.
Her pelt is thick and is longer in areas like her arms, chest, belly, tail and her cheeks. Spiderstar has a fair share of battle scars that litter her body. They come from years of training in her free time, battles against the other Clans, or simple accidents on her part. She commands an air of respect because of them from younger members of the Clan due to their vision of what a warrior should look like. Alongside all these scars, her ears are torn in several places. Spiderstar has a weird snaggletooth where one of her front canines protrude from her lips and this causes it to stick out. Her eyes are a very warm yellow colour where sometimes in certain lights they appear similar to amber.


Spiderstar is a very straight-faced cat when first seen. She presents herself with little to no emotion when talking to some of her Clan and more importantly her rivals. The she-cat takes her role as a leader seriously and is not known for relying on her deputy to organize the Clan each and every day. Spiderstar instead, takes it upon herself to involve herself in Clanlife and making sure everything in ThunderClan is running smoothly. However, some remember her before she became a high-ranking cat and they describe her as a highly opinionated cat with a bratty attitude.
The she-cat was a rather tough individual before smartening up to become the leader she is known as. Spiderstar had what some might call a troubled childhood because she never knew her father and that factor impacted the way she was raised by her mother. She was a rather unpredictable cat and was henceforth nicknamed a problem child by her mother. Spiderstar, despite her close relationship with her 'uncle', Adderclaw, didn't have a very strong fatherly figure in her early life. Spiderstar was, in reality, a brat while growing up, resulting in her mother sometimes spoiling her and henceforth setting a low bar for the she-cat's overall discipline.
She is also ambitious for her main goal is to make a name for her family. This comes from who her father was, and what he had done to her mother. So, Spiderstar's goal is to make a name for herself so that her legacy can continue through her children and their children in years to come. Spiderstar is fiercely loyal to her family and to those she considers apart of her family too. While not many know what she has done to protect her kin, she has a feeling that if it ever came to surface many would not overlook her 'empty' threats.


Spiderstar has always been known for her skills in the field of battle. Most credit her mentor Adderclaw, as he was an exceptional warrior of his time. She learned well and respected the older tom a lot, so the younger warrior was keen to show that she could uphold his expectations and meet the standards he sought for most ThunderClan warriors. By the time she was the Clan deputy, Spiderclaw had earned her name as one of the Clan's strongest she-cat warriors (for she is one of the few in the Clan to hold a -claw suffix). She was also, thanks to her teachings, one of the few that near constantly led any battle patrols at a young age.



Spiderclaw is first named Sorrelstar's third deputy after the death of the previous one. While she at times undermined her leader, the she-cat often had the support of her Clan as they were starting to see many flaws in Sorrelstar's leadership. Many saw Spiderclaw as a saviour of sorts as she started getting ThunderClan into gear - working and keep on top of duties like no cat had seen before. Spiderclaw wasn't deputy for long as Sorrelstar soon passed away from a mysterious illness and left the black she-cat to receive her Nine Lives and new name.
The newly named Spiderstar returns to her Clan and continues her way of running the clock as she did as deputy.


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Bramblekit - Happiness
Pheasantcloud - Loyalty
Ivynose - Mother's love
Adderclaw - Knowledge
Sorrelstar - Leadership
Unknown spirit - Strength
Unknown spirit - Ambition
Unknown spirit - Power
Willowface - Justice



Spiderface: Deceased; StarClan resident


Nightflower: Living


Pheasantcloud: Deceased; StarClan resident
Bramblekit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Birdstar: Living


Morningfoot: Living


Snakefang: Living




Spiderstar never met her father until later in her life. When they did meet, her anger and disgust for him, which stemmed from his short-lived relationship with her mother, was let loose. They clashed on the battlefield between Thunder and Shadow. The battle was bloody and blood ran cold that day when Spiderstar took her father's life with a clean snap of his neck. While she believes most of her hatred was related to what he did to her mother, she hates that she is named after him in some sort of sick tribute. This supposedly is what has given her the complex to make a name for her family - to simply remove him from their lives forever.
Even if the world had different circumstances, Spiderstar still believes that she would've hated her father. She has never had any tolerance toms like him so her thoughts on him are simple and quite straightforward. She hates him with every burning nerve in her body and hopes he fades quickly from the stars.


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Spiderstar loved her brother ever so dearly. She is glad that his son is so much like him that she believed up until her nine lives ceremony that he had been reincarnated. Her bond with her brother was the only normal thing about her in hindsight. When he passed away from reasons unknown she was deeply saddened by both him and his mate's passing, but Spiderstar was always bothered by his more. She misses times where she didn't feel constricted by her thoughts where she could live free and worry only about Pheasantcloud getting into some sort of trouble.


The closest family she has left, Spiderstar adores her only nephew. She is amazed at how much he and his deceased father share all with that careful attitude of his mother. Spiderstar asked to mentor the young tom when the time came for him to start training. She wanted to forge a strong bond between them to ensure that if something were to happen to his parents he wouldn't feel alone in the world. When something did happen, Spiderstar was there for him almost like a mother. She dotes on him and takes a hell of a lot of pride in him. Basically, words cannot describe how much Spiderstar loves her nephew and how proud of him she is.



Spiderstar adored her adoptive father (the fact unknown for many years), and will always have a place in her heart as her father and mentor. Her respect for the deceased warrior knows no bounds, as he was a good cat in her eyes and wasn't afraid to get dirty with his teaching skills. Spiderstar learnt a lot from him and credits him dearly. She was saddened by his unexpected death and tries to honour him whenever she can. He was a very wise cat and passed many of his ideas and perspectives onto the impressionable young Spiderstar, who, to this day continues a similar train of thought to him. Spiderstar was glad to receive a life from him and seeing him brought up a lot of feelings that she had long since buried underneath her ever hardening exterior.


If truth be told, Spiderstar never liked the former leader. She saw her as a weak excuse for both a high ranking member and a mother. Spiderstar was genuinely surprised when she was named the next deputy, as in the past she had made it quite clear on her dislike of the deceased cat. Now that she has succeeded Sorrelstar in rank, she feels as though she has an entire mess to clean up. Something that Spiderstar isn't at all too pleased with considering her desire for a powerful image for her Clan.


Spiderstar feels a rather odd connection with her nephew's mate. She sees herself as the younger she-cat's main maternal source of love. Spiderstar, like most of ThunderClan, had known about Sorrelstar's rather lacking skills in the parenting ring and from Spiderstar's past, she felt some form of connection with the young warrior. Her relationship with the younger cat has only started blossoming, namely due to Snakefang's affiliation with her. But, Spiderstar can see herself stepping into the role many times in the future. Hell, she would happily take on the role and make it known, but her own conscience tells her to keep her relationships on the low and almost unknown to her other peers.


Spiderstar sees the young medicine cat as a very quirky character. Maybe he is just afraid of her that he always seems jumpy talking to her about herbs or StarClan, but it doesn't worry her. She just sees a very young cat that needs a big confidence boost. Her opinion of him isn't high but it isn't low. He's good at his job but just lacks a lot the experience that an older cat would have.



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  • Spiderstar has direct WindClan blood because of her father, Mudfoot, was a member.
    • She might also have some kittypet ancestry because of her mother's distinctive appearance.
  • Max's voice headcanon voice for Spiderstar is Suzanne Pleshette.




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