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"I can't imagine how you feel what with your parents. But, remember this, you make your own destiny no matter who you are born to. Just stick to your own path, Starlingkit, and remember that I'll be here whenever you need a helping paw".
Nightflower to Starlingkit in ThunderClan
Current ThunderClan
Senior Warrior
Age Approx. 73 moons (6.03 years)
Status Living
Debut ThunderClan Archive I
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Mudfoot (formerly)
Kits Spiderstar, Pheasantcloud, Bramblekit
Apprentice Ivynose
Owner Beau

Nightflower is a solid black she-cat with pale green eyes.



Nightflower is a solid-framed she-cat that is tall and lean. She has an elegant look to her despite the many years of service she has given her Clan. Her coat is sleek and has a shine to it because she keeps good care of it every chance she gets. Nightflower has a lot of qualities that are seen in her daughter; such as the narrow head, tall ears, and longer legs. Despite her long life in ThunderClan, her features allude to another life perhaps before her time.
Nightflower has a solid black pelt. With her age, however, she does have some appearances of grey amongst her fine coat. It is more noticeable on her face on her muzzle and with a little near her eyes. She has almond shaped eyes which are a pale green. They are bright and clear despite her advancing age but, Nightflower retains a somewhat youthful appearance. The she-cat is mentioned to have a thinner pelt than most of her Clanmates so she struggles in cooler weather and when it rains because she sometimes struggles to keep warm.


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Her suffix -flower, indicates that she is by nature nurturing. Not just in the sense of kittens, but for the younger generations of the Clan and sometimes her peers. So due to this, Nightflower is seen as a strong, motherly figure to the Clan's younger members. She balances her duties between this. Making sure to feed the other queens and their kits, and of course the elders. The she-cat knows the workings of the Clan well enough to be comfortable with just about anything that is thrown at her. In terms of her own experience with mothering, she uses a little bit of tough love. Nightflower understands that the world isn't safe outside the walls of the nursery. She also uses this method on apprentices. Teaching them that it might seem safe, but that they'll likely need a tough shell to survive the life of a warrior.



Nightflower first appears in the roleplay emerging from the warrior's den. She is mentioned to be one of the Clan's most senior warriors and is then shown to be the mother of Spiderstar, who is her only surviving kitten. After greeting her daughter with a small nod, Nightflower is mentioned to be excited to see her grandson and granddaughter be named as apprentices for ThunderClan. She remembers again with a deep sigh to when Spiderstar, and her deceased son, Pheasantcloud, were named apprentices and makes a comment on how times were easier back then. The older she-cat itches to leave camp, however, she mentions that when it rains she finds it harder to keep dry compared to some of her thicker furred Clanmates. So, she waits in camp for a multitude of things to happen.
Her granddaughter, Starlingkit approaches her and the old queen moves them out of the rain to somewhere dry to talk. It is mentioned that Nightflower has a very close bond with her granddaughter as the two often spoke of the younger cat's insecurities. Starlingkit tells her grandmother that she's scared about the possibility of not becoming a warrior. In her response, Nightflower pulls the kitten close and gives her comfort while saying that every cat can become a warrior - especially those with ThunderClan blood. The old queen then says that she cannot understand how her granddaughter must feel with all the pressure of who her parents are must feel but, she must remember to 'make your own destiny no matter who you are born to'. She also adds that she would always be there no matter what. Nightflower remembers when Spiderstar was younger they would have similar conversations but, that was a long time ago and now the two of them were still close but, they were worlds apart.
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Mudfoot (formerly): Deceased; StarClan resident


Pheasantcloud: Deceased; StarClan resident
Bramblekit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Spiderstar: Living


Snakefang: Living
Ravenpaw: Living


Starlingpaw: Living




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