The Clans began when five loners – River, Rajani, Alya, Daichi, and Sophia, journeyed from the Old Land. While originally they stayed together for survival, they soon found that there were other cats who owned the lands. The five travellers soon split into five different groups split across the variety of territories found. Over time they managed to commandeer respect from the local cats and became the leaders of these early Clans. From there, they decided to rename the groups to RiverClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, ThunderClan, and WindClan respectively.
Below is the detailed history of each individual Clan following the rename associated with their founders.


Founder: Väinämöinen
Leaders: Ukko, Wetstar, Rainstar, Shellstar, Palestar, Willowstar, Lakestar Hailstar, Aspenstar Molestar, Weedstar, Heronstar (current)
Deputies: Ukko, Vala, Wetfoot, Rainflower, Shellface, Reedheart, Curlfur, Palestorm, Willowclaw, Mallownose, Lakestream, Hailcloud, Aspenflower, Molefang, Oakstorm, Beetlefang, Weedwhisker, Dawnstorm, Minnowtail, Heronclaw, Lichenfang, Wolfheart (current)
Medicine Cats: Ahti, Milkweed, Pricklefoot, Bramblepaw, Cinderflower, Ashcloud, Swiftfoot, Mosspelt, Cypressfur (current)
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Founder: tba
Leaders: tbas
Deputies: tbas
Medicine Cats: tbas
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Founder: Alya

Leaders: Hagor, Crowstar, Deerstar, Hollystar, Nightstar, Whitestar, Leafstar, Firestar, Ferretstar, Eelstar (current)

Deputies: Hagor, Crowpelt, Dapplefern, Deerfoot, Hollyfur, Reedflower, Nightpelt, Beestripe, Whitestorm, Whorlpelt, Leaftail, Firepelt, Ferretclaw, Eaglenose, Eelfang, Owleyes (current)

Medicine Cats: Holly, Flowerfoot, Sundapple, Yellowfang, Duskfur, Asterpelt, Darkstorm, Ravenfur (current)

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Founder: Daichi

Leaders: Gorsestar, Beestar, Horsestar, Coaststar, Icestar, Tigerstar, Hawkstar, Shadestar, Blackstar, Lionstar, Fawnstar, Sorrelstar (current)

Deputies: Daisy, Gorsefur, Snowfern, Beeheart, Horsepelt, Dirtface, Coastlegs, Frostfur, Heathertail, Icestorm, Redtail, Gingerfur, Tigerclaw, Hawkheart, Shadeshadow, Oakheart, Blackfoot, Lionheart, Snowfur, Lilacstream, Fawnwhisker, Dappletail, Sorrelflower, Falconheart, Rosepetal, Swiftstorm (current)

Medicine Cats: CS

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