Rules & Guidelines

Project Basics

  1. Users are advised to be a member of the Project to post art - but this isn't overly enforced.
  2. Respect other users and do not make harsh comments or remarks about their art style.
  3. As you upload images, they must be given the appropriate category. This is to keep it organised.
  4. In order to put up an image of a cat, it mustn't fail the following:
  • Have a page
  • You must have the roleplayer's permission (if you yourself are not the roleplayer)

Creating Chararts

A charart must meet certain points to be eligible to be put on the character's page. These points are that a charart must have: shading, a transparent background, and uses the correct categories. If an image does not meet these criteria it will be removed from the character's page and the charart maker will be given feedback on their talkpage in order for their image to meet the criteria. If for some reason you cannot meet one of these points, a Project Lead will happily offer a helping hand if need be.
Matching an image to the life image is user choice. We at Project Charart understand some characters have designs that users visualise when making their charart and we respect the user's right to use their ideas. However, we also understand some people may believe matching chararts to their character's life image is their ideal style and that is also respected. What is not respected is these users forcing this onto others and such behaviour will not be tolerated.


  • Everything on a talk page should always be archived and stored away safely, so anyone can look back at something for reference.
  • Talk page sections should never be blanked. No user is permitted to blank a section of the talk page or cover it with something else.